We ask each tenant to appoint one person to act as liaison with our staff. This will minimize duplicate service requests from within the same office. Ideally, this contact person will be the only person authorized to make requests. Please designate a back-up contact person to fill in during vacation or illness.

  • Typical requests would be:
  • Temperature adjustment.
  • Replacement of burned-out light bulbs.
  • Requests for special cleaning or complaints regarding existing cleaning.
  • Requests including changes in the physical space or changes with locks and keys.

It is important that we have the cell phone number of the tenant contact person and the back-up contact person so that we can notify you of any after-hours emergency. These phone numbers are given to management only and are held in the strictest confidence.
We would appreciate your appointment of these individuals and due notification so we may acquaint him/her with our operations.