Since July 2009, the Hudson Square BID has overseen the transformation of Manhattan’s former Printing District into a thriving creative hub. Today, Hudson Square is buzzing with the energy of more than 60,000 workers in some 1,000 businesses, complemented by thousands of students, visitors and a growing residential population. In Hudson Square, imagination and technology come together to redefine what it means to be creative.

The BID is generally bounded by Clarkson Street on the north, Canal Street on the south, 6th Avenue on the east, and West Street on the west.

The goal of the BID is to foster the physical, social, and cultural connections that give rise to a community where the spirit of innovation can flourish inside and out.
The BID is funded primarily through the payment of an annual assessment on commercial property.

To lean more about BID initiatives to improve the neighborhood and past and future projects, please visit (opens in new window).